Frequently Asked Questions

The Wedding Video profession is rapidly gathering momentum and developing into a major industry and never before has there been such a high level of expertise available. A wide range of professional, cutting edge tools are now available to the video industry enabling the videographer to produce stunning, movie style productions which in many cases compare very favourably to modern day television standards. Constant advancement in equipment, skills and creativity has ensured that the award winning Picture House Wedding Films consistently attain these very high standards. They are produced in documentary style vividly capturing the emotion and atmosphere of the day in a totally unobtrusive manner. In fact, wedding videos in West Yorkshire have never been so good. 

We appreciate that the prospective Bride and Groom will more than likely be unaware of how the making of a wedding video will impact on their day, so here are a selection of the most frequently asked questions which we feel will be helpful.

Q We’ll have our photo album to look at. Why do we need a video?

A Photos are nice but a good video brings your big day back to life. Just imagine if you could see a film of your parents and grandparents wedding day. If you could hear their voices and see for yourselves what they got up to on their wedding day, how good would that be? Sadly photos were the only option available to them but now you can have a moving record of your special day for you and future generations to enjoy.

Q Aren’t all wedding videos the same? Shouldn’t I look for the lowest price?

A As with anything in this world, you only get what you pay for. Your wedding day deserves the best. You can’t go back and do it again. Base your decision making on quality and reputation and if that means paying a little extra then do it. You’ll be glad you did. A finely crafted wedding film will not only capture the essence of the day, the sights, sounds and emotions but will be cherished by you and your family now and for many years to come. Your wedding video is forever.

Q What should I look for in a wedding film?

A A comprehensive and entertaining account of the wedding day basically. Good, clear colourful images and distinct, crisp audio are obviously important attributes of any film production. Natural, fly on the wall style sequences are the most enjoyable and are often enhanced by the right choice of music in appropriate parts of the film. Good structure and the ability to inform and entertain the viewer are qualities which will ensure total enjoyment.

Q Should I go for a large company or a smaller one?

A The danger with large companies is that they may sub contract their work, therefore leading to a more standard approach by the camera operatives. Small to medium size companies are more likely to adapt to your specifications and of course reproduce the style of video which attracted you to them in the first place.

Q What type of cameras are used?

A Picture House use professional broadcast digital cameras.

Q Can our wedding film be produced on DVD?

A Yes it can. We have been producing DVD films for the past four years which are enhanced by professional menus and chapter points enabling you to skip to any part of the film at the touch of your remote control.

Q What about the music for our film?

A We have a huge library of music for you to choose from and we will be pleased to offer guidance to you in order to maximise the impact of your chosen tracks. If you have particular favourites of your own we can accommodate also.

Q Will you be discreet with your filming?

A Very much so. We are totally unobtrusive in our approach to filming, capturing everything naturally as the day unfolds. This is a technique which is important to us as we pride ourselves in allowing you and your guests to relax and enjoy the day.

Q Do you film from start to finish?

A We offer a comprehensive service which can start from the bride’s home on the morning of the wedding right through to the evening reception and disco. All our packages are tailored to your specifications.

Q How many cameras do you use?

A At least two cameras are used during the wedding ceremony and speeches in order to capture to maximum effect those special moments, guest reactions and emotions.

Q How many other weddings will you cover on our day?

A Only yours. We are with you exclusively 100% of the day.

Q When do we need to decide upon our options for the film?

A Anytime up to 2 weeks prior to the wedding day.

Q Do you attend the wedding rehearsal?

A Yes, always. We like to meet your respective families and importantly the minister conducting the ceremony in order to negotiate the best possible camera positions in advance of the day. This is always appreciated by the minister and helps to provide a good rapport which is important. If you are having a civil ceremony then we will come along to see you at home just a few days prior to your wedding day to go through the last minute details. There is no extra charge for this important service.

If you have any further questions then please feel free to contact us on 01924 864613 or by email.